“To 224 Apparel & Design: Thanks 224 Apparel for providing those beautiful shirts and helping raise so much money for the 1st down fund.” – Larry Fitzgerald

Shirts donated by one of the Lead Sponsors 224 Apparel & Design
raised well over $7,000 to help the Larry Fitzgerald Foundation.

The BMSS family is an elite lifestyle management company with divisions that will help you cover all aspects of your life. From the largest private jet company in the Southwest that operates internationally, to a top of the line Real Estate Company. Our Real Estate Division works closely with Sotheby’s to make sure you receive the best service as well as other high-end brokerages, which allows us to save you time and money anywhere in the world. We also work with MiCamp Merchant Services, a top Independent Sales Organization of First Data the world’s largest credit card processor, which allows you an average of 20%-25% savings for your business. Currently our final division is the fashion forward 224 Apparel & Design, which is here to create your companies top of the line uniform or promotional items ranging from flash drives to pens. We have the ability, domestically or internationally, to invent or create any product your company, charity, or you personally can think of! Our clients always have access to call us if you have a question for our concierge department, which is always here to work hard for our clients, whether you need a car service, security, or the best restaurant in a city to make sure you have the perfect date or business meeting. Give us a call and we will quickly get back with you.

BMSS looks to create synergy in new business collaborations and innovative approaches to marketing for organizations. We have created a network of business owners who offer discounted prices in exchange for amplified business. You can rely on us to accommodate your needs, top of the line service and pricing through BMSS Real Estate, BMSS Jet, and BMSS Charge throughout the United States and Internationally.

We cater to organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Through our Founders combined professional experience in the fields of Strategic Marketing, New Product Innovation, Executive Management, Film Production, Real Estate, Aviation, Finance, and Healthcare there are boundless possibilities to form unique partnerships and opportunities. We are based in Scottsdale, AZ, with the ability to conduct business internationally.