To 224 Apparel & Design: Thanks 224 Apparel for providing those beautiful shirts and helping raise so much money for the 1st down fund.
Larry Fitzgerald
When Interush requires our logo-branded apparel items, under our Corporate ID Program for our International Affiliate Organization, or for our Consumer Public Relations activities with IndyCar Driver Takuma Sato, we always go to 224 Apparel & Design for all our promotional apparel. They always provide the highest level of quality and follow-through of details, and on top of that, excellent customer service. From several years of experience, we know that 224 Apparel & Design is just simply the best.
Mark Hsieh
eCommerce Marketing Manager
Interush, Inc.
Thank you BMSS and 224 Apparel for always providing the very best when working with clients that are looking to build their dream home with BedBrock developers. We also appreciate 224 Apparel’s hard work when helping us be as creative as possible when designing unique promotional items and wonderful looking shirts that are comfortable and fashionable which all the employees enjoy wearing on a day to day basis.
Rich Brock
Working with Ali Matthews and her 224 Apparel team has been absolutely wonderful. They are always accommodating and get things in a timely manner. Our team at the blow dry bar feels good when wearing the t-shirts and say they are really comfortable. We can’t wait to continue working with them.
Rebecca Robson
The Arizona region of Smile Brands used 224 Apparel and Design to design shoulder bags. The bags were creative, colorful and durable. We were very pleased with the bags and will use 224 Apparel and Design in the future.
Nicole Sikora