Private Jet Services

Aircraft Charter

BMSS JET has their own experienced pilots on staff, whose concerns for safety and service are top priority. Our gorgeous planes are kept clean and refreshed at all times. We have quite an assortment of Jets in our hangers, to be chartered at a moment’s notice. If we don’t have the plane you are looking for, we guarantee we can have one waiting for you within hours. If you book a flight through BMSS JET, we will offer a quote that will be much lower than other charter companies as well as unparralled service.

Light Aircraft
Mid-Size Aircraft
Heavy Aircraft

BMSS* is proud to partner with Aero Jet Services, a top of the line World Wide Charter Company with locations in Scottsdale, Las Vegas, New York, throughout California, as well as the Greater Mid-West.


  • Aero Jet will charter your plane, and make sure only experienced staff pilots fly.
  • Hangar space is available at the best airports.
  • Having their own fuel, allow savings to be passed along to you.
  • If you need to use your plane, Aero Jet will make it available to you at an extremely discounted rate.

Sales & Acquisitions

Our extensive network can help you connect with a buyer or seller, and quickly move the sale into action. If you are selling your plane, Aero Jet offers the option of chartering your plane while it is on the market.